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CEO of Kinnectpay Joel Usher

Today on the Social Scene we get inspired by the fabulous CEO of Kinnectpay, Joel Usher. Straight out of Texas, Joel always knew he was an entrepreneur at heart. Kinnectpay version 4.0 will be launching this February 2016. Kinnectpay is a new social media platform that allows one to get paid $1 for EVERY referral they bring to the site.

In addition, they will get a Kinnectpay VISA for all of their referrals so it can be used instantly.

Kinnectpay came together because Joel always knew these huge companies like facebook and myspace were always getting paid for their social platforms but didn't know how.

After doing some research he realized they got paid through advertisers.

Therefore, Joel wanted to create a new platform for customers to engage like Facebook or Myspace but also get paid for what they love doing: NETWORKING and or Reconnecting with old friends, family members etc.

Kinnectpay's title came together because Joel and his business partner realized "kinetic energy" helps bring people together PLUS you get paid so why not call the business: "Kinnect Pay".

Tune in HERE and Now to learn how to get involved early with Kinnectpay and learn how to GET PAID for "kinnecting" by clicking on one of the podcast tabs below:

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Currently the is under construction until FEB 2016 BUT JZ Social Enterprises is proud to work with Kinnectpay Enterprises and their Green Pill Blog!

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