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Actor, Writer and Producer: Brandon Allan

Today on the Social Scene we get inspired by the fabulous actor, writer and producer from Rhode Island, Brandon Allan.

Brandon always had a love for stand up comedy and acting. He always knew it was something he was going to pursue in the long hall.

Today on the Social Scene, we learn all about how Brandon got into the acting career. In addition, we learn about his first acting experience on "Body of Proof" on ABC AND his first celebrity experience working Denzel Washington.

From class clown to the friend that was always up to make a fool of himself , Brandon started making home videos. From there, his friends started to upload them online. These life experiences has allowed him to gain the self confidence and the drive to continue acting and stand up comedy from these life experiences.

Brandon has done work for ESPN, Johnny Rockets and even United Way. In addition, he has worked on films from The Equalizer, Irrational man, Almost Mercy, Bleed for This, Ghostbusters.

With the background/acting experience Brandon took his skills to to writing and producing scripts. Brandon now stars in his own films, along with comedy mix tapes including prank calls and comedy rap.

Not too long ago, Brandon connected with Chris Costa, a videographer from his hometown in East Providence, Rhode Island. Together they started a company called Lift Entertainment in 2012. Since their launch they have made over forty comedy videos called "Sunday Skits." Sunday Skits is a weekly comedy sketch series released on In addition they have created two web series called "The Adventures of Chronic Boy" and "Case Closed" . Futhermore they have created Six short films with one being submitted to over TEN film festivals all over the country !

With some great laughs, inspirations and more. Tune in HERE and NOW to get inspired by clicking on one of the podcast tabs below!

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