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Co Founder of Protein Infused Water, Trimino: Casey Hoban

Today on the Social Scene we get inspired by one of the fabulous Co Founders of Trimino, Casey Hoban. Trimino is a two year old company that is a healthy protein infused water. Trimino consists of vitamin b complex, whey protein isolate no sugar or carbs. Casey always believed that there was a need for healthier options for kids when it came to beverages. With a background in the beverage industry and previously creating a nationwide cider, Casey knew there were more things he wanted to do in the beverage industry.

Originally from CT, Casey connected with two other fathers through their children's sports teams. Throughout their children's sports games they would discuss how there was a need for a healthier drink option instead of vitamin water and or gatorade.

Few years later came along Trimino. Casey and the two other fathers Peter and Bob founded Trimino back in 2013. Trimino, pronounced (TRY-ME-NO) is a beverage FREE of sugar and carbs. It has the right amount of nutrients to keep you energized throughout your day. Whether you are an average joe to athlete, diabetic, and even cancer patient.