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"Step Partners" of Why Blue Matters

Today on the Social Scene with JZ we get inspired by the fabulous Step Partners of Why Blue Matters, Ty Moultrie and A.L. Roberts!

Why Blue Matters was created because blue was a significant color to A.L. throughout his life. A.L. had an epiphany one day and realized how much blue impacted him through his life experiences. Therefore, he wanted to share with the world Why Blue Matters.

A few years later came along his "Step Partner" Ty. They call eachother Step Partners because even though they are in two different states most of the time, when they are together they are the Step Brothers they never had!

Ty comes from a background in the airforce, finance and entertainment. He took all he learned and once back from the airforce and decided to take on the entertainment world by storm.

Cool Fact: Believe it or not Ty and A.L. met on instagram. A.L. "avoided" Ty's messages for a period of time and eventually caved in when he liked a photo on Ty's social media.

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