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September 22, 2019

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Singer, Model and Actor Jamal Gordon

February 16, 2016




Today on the Social Scene with JZ podcast we get inspired by the talented Singer, Model and Actor Jamal Gordon.


As a man of many talents Jamal has been very lucky throughout his life to have a great support system of his family. He always has had a love for music from right in the church growing up to famous artists like Aretha Franklin.










Gordon also tell us how much of an influence his father is to him, growing up his father wanted to be able to provide for his family so he gave up singing but is now helping Jamal pursue his dreams of music with his latest new single YOU will hear on our podcast: Funky Love Remix!


What are some goals you have for yourself as an actor, model and singer? Where do you see
yourself in 5 years?!

"In 5 years I hope to be living and healthy and wealthy. As artist having my brand well known
across the globe and endorsements. As model being a sopkemans for my brand and others well
know brands. Acting landing my 5 job as a actor."



Tune in here and now to learn more about Jamal Gordon and listen to his LATEST SONG: Funky Love Remix by clicking on one of the podcast tabs below!
















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