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Need a Broker in the Boston Area? Well, Founder of Totally Real Estate Evan Spencer has got you cove

Today on the Social Scene with JZ podcast we get inspired by the fabulous Founder of Totally Real Estate, Evan Spencer. Originally from Cohasset, Massachusetts; Spencer grew up in a family of Attorneys and Brokers.

Spencer started out as an attorney for many years. After getting more involved in the real estate world, Evan decided to get his brokerage liscene. After doing really well in the real estate world, Evan decided to pursue real estate full time and open his brokerage firm, Totally Real Estate in the Greater Boston area.

On the podcast we discuss the current real estate market. Evan believes that it is always a "buyers" market.

"When you are ready to move do it , there is never a right time to buy it is when it is right for you."

Evan believes that usually the most popular times to buy are usually the spring and summer. Even though Evan believes those two seasons are the most popular times to buy, it makes it more of a competitive market. Which futhermore, makes it little more difficult to get what you want.

This is why Evan continuously tells us that it is best to buy when the time is right for you. Don't wait for the "right time to buy" there is no designated right time.

We also learn about where Evan sees the real estate market is going over the next year, where the hottest locations are to buy in the Greater Boston area and MORE!

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