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Looking for a fabulous Life and Business Coach and an AWESOME event to attend MAY 9TH in Boston?! TU

Today on the Social Scene with JZ podcast we get inspired by the fabulous Anna Tsui. Anna is currently a serial entrepreneur.

From being a life and business coach to Chief Development Officer of the Boston Business Women Conference. Anna also writers and international speaking!

On the podcast we learn all about how Anna fell into the world of coaching.

We also learn about the amazing Boston Business Women's group that is less then a year old with over 3500 members!!

We are so excited to also share the fabulous news of their FIRST women innovation conference on May 9th with Arianna Huffington as the key note speaker in addition to so many fabulous entrepreneurs and editor in chiefs of many successful organizations!

Learn more about Anna, what she likes to do for fun and the FABULOUS BBW Innovation conference HERE by clicking on one of the podcast tabs below :

Check out The Boston Business Women MAY 1ST IN #GETSCENE MAGAZINE

For featured blog post on Anna check out by clicking on their logo below!

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If you are interested in being showcased to thousands like Anna contact JZ HERE: