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Are you having BORING Vanilla Sex?! Do you need to spice up your life with more Happiness?!

Today on the Social Scene we get inspired by the fabulous, Gaia S. Morrissette. Gaia is a sexual wellness coach, author, columnist and founder of Succulent Living.

Based out of Canada, Gaia has been an entrepreneur for over seven years. We learn on the podcast how her career started since she was the age of 14.

At 14, Morrissette went to an event and a women near by was discussing how she hadn't had an orgasm in awhile. Of course, Gaia overheard and believe it or not instead of being creeped out, was TOTALLY fascinated. A few mins later she put her book down and walked over to talk to the woman about how she was coping and why she thought she was not able to have orgasms.

Since then, her friends had referred people to her who were having issues when it came to their sex life. Gaia also tells us how her phone was continuously blowing up at all hours of the day and night. She realized she was on to something but she needed to put an end to the on demand service..this led to business cards and business hours!

Gaia offers one on one sessions in person, skype, google hang outs and even travels to meet her clients. She also does meet up groups and helps people who have dealt with sexual traumas and/or are not as happy as they want to be. She teaches them how they can start to fix certain negative habits they have!

On the podcast we also learn about her latest book (which actually has nothing to do with sex) "Stop! Drop! & Wiggle! explores the first aspect which is our foundation of Happiness: PLAY."

We ALSO get to learn all about the breakdown of her theories, what inspires her and for sure what she likes to do for fun to help clear and restore her energy so she can help MORE amazing clients.

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