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#GETYourSEXYON with Sexual Wellness Coach and Author, Gaia Morrissette

Today on the Social Scene we did our first ZOOM video with Sexual Wellness Coach and Author, Gaia Morrissette!

Our CEO is very private about her sexual life, Gaia really knows how to open people up to feel enlightened with their sexuality!

What does it mean to be horny ? Why do people feel the need to release their feelings as soon as they get it, why can't you embrace the feeling instead of releasing it?

Gaia on our podcast tells ALL and inspires you on how to embrace you sexuality!

Tell someone it's okay to feel horny instead of hey, how are you? HAHA. She makes me laugh still looking back at this from yesterday.

Enjoy our video for some good laughs and inspiration!

Want to get in touch with GAIA?!

#GETSOCIAL with her:


FB: Succulent Living