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#GETHEALTHY with Amazon Best Selling Author and Founder of NY Chiro Care, Dr. Rob Silverman

Today on the Social Scene with JZ podcast we get inspired by the fabulous Dr. Rob Silverman.

Dr. Silverman is currently a best selling author on for his latest book "Inside-Out Health". "Inside-Out Health" teaches all about finding holistic ways to improve your health!

Furthermore, Dr.Silverman is a sports doctor and runs his own private practice in White Plains, NY called New York Chiro Care.

Originally from Bronx, New York; Silverman went to school for accounting. That aside, he ended up getting a neck injury and wanted to find a way to help better his injury without taking medication or doing surgery.

One thing led to another and he fell in love with the world holistic health and wanting to become a chiropractor.

Check out our interview to learn more about Dr. Silverman's latest book by clicking on one of the podcast tabs below: