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NEXTonSCENE with INFUSION II -Carnival Team!

NEXTonSCENE is Infusion II- Carnival in Providence, Rhode Island! This October 22, 2016 at Skyline at Waterplace, Infusion II Carnival will be a show you DO NOT want to miss! From 5pm-Midnight will include an evening full of samba dancers, local Latin performers, live musicians and entertainment. There will also be a LIVE viewing of fashion on their runway with looks from local designers including Artiss Akarra, United Republic Affair and Born Republic!

NEXTonSCENE had the fabulous opportunity to interview the immediate team putting together this fabulous evening. The team includes:

Resident Designer/ Design and Development: Artiss Akarra

Event Planning & Catering Director: Pearl Farquharson

Marketing & Management Director: Sarah Firetto

Resident Performer/ Showcase Director: Martin Rivera

Even though he couldn't be on the line we go to learn a little bit about Operations Director: Al Baldera.

We get down to business learning about how the show came together, what Infusion means to our viewers and what the goals are for the organization.

"We want to also let our listeners know that this platform of Infusion is for people who want to be able to showcase their talents and don't always have the opportunity to do so, we want to give talent a platform to showcase their passions and talent" Artiss Akarra, Founder/Resident Designer.

Interested in attending and learning more about this fabulous event?! Click on the podcast ICONS below to tune in HERE and NOW.