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HEAL your LIFE with Professional Healer, Alex Bynum

We had the fabulous pleasure of learning all about HEALING on today's podcast!

On the podcast, Bynum talks about how she fell into the world of healing and how much it has made a difference in her life since she found a career she can feel right at home with.

Alex offers healing sessions from life activation (finding out your life purpose), meditation to even reiki sessions. As you can see Alex does it all!

Now what is healing? well as Bynum states, "We are always healing."

It doesn't have to take a dramatic circumstance to make you feel the need to heal, you can be dealing with daily struggles that Alex can hone in on and help change your life for the better.

"Alex wasn't able to actually walk the path of changing the world until she found tried and true ancient healing tools within the lineage of King Salomon. With the profound tangible results she had and continues to have in her own life, Alex went on to learn how to facilitate the most sacred tools on the planet for permanent growth and change. Alex now serves the light in the light 24/7 and could not be more fulfilled doing the Great Work."

Currently, Alex is teaching lineage of King Salomon which we get more into on the podcast as well !

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