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NEXTonSCENE Holistic Esthetician and Skin Care Formulator

From homeless to an incredible #SELFMADE girlboss, Angela Thornton has built an amazing business along with her OWN skin care line called Artisan Skincare down the Cape in Massachusetts!

"You just have to keep going" Angela states throughout the podcast.

It was really inspiring to learn how she had overcome some major bumps in the road and that for sure didn't stop her! It ended up allowing her to create where she is today.

So Angela originally started in the world of hair for around 15 years. She realized over time that it as much as she loved it , she started to grow out of it and wanted a change.

She found a love for skincare and decided to go back to school and get whatever credits she needed to get her esthetician license. At the time, she was homeless but connected with a great mentor who helped her take the leap to start her own salon !

It is amazing how timing is everything and meeting the right person at the right time who can help you change your circumstances can really change your life for the better!

Tune in here and now by clicking on one of the podcast tabs below to learn more about Angela's first product she ever made, some of her favorite procedures and what is NEXT for her!

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