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NEXT we had an exclusive podcast interview with Boston's latest dating entertainment app and web series, The Setup!

Looking to be a matchmaker? single and ready to mingle? The Setup App offers it ALL ! Currently, based out of NYC we had a fabulous interview with the Head of Marketing, Myra Godfrey.

The Setup is changing the way people think about dating and making it an interactive experience for everyone! Daters and non-daters alike.

Below you will see the segment of their first episode of The Setup, right in the heart of Boston! As Myra talks on the podcast they decided even though based out of NYC, Boston would be the best place to launch their app along with their web series! Since September 15th, the app has TOTALLY taken off and the web series makes it more relatable so singles/matchers can feel like they are apart of the daters experiences.

Available on iOS you can download the app to participate in The Setup community, pair-up potential daters and follow along with their dating journey.

For singles you can setup a dating profile! If you are married or in a relationship, they have opportunities for you to sign up and become like a matchmaker for the app!

“Set up” our daters with matches you think are a good fit. You can even interact with participants in the web-series and help us determine who to cast next for the series."

Click one of the podcast tabs below to learn more about the app, to sign up to cast in their season 2 of The Setup web series and MORE:

Myra was originally brought in as the first person on the staff to help get the web series and app out the right audience and she has been crushing it! We are so excited to showcase Myra and The Setup !! Be sure to download the app and check out the web series!! (ALL EPISODES ARE LESS THEN 5 MINS EACH)


Download the app:

Facebook: @setuptv

Twitter: @the_Setup_TV

Instagram: @thesetuptv


First episode of The Setup:

Until Wednesday's episode stay tuned for who's NEXT!