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NEXTonSCENE with Busy Bostonians #GIRLBOSS, Sarah Motzkin

In order to grow your business or make your special day less stressful it is important to invest in yourself and HIRE an amazing concierge business like Busy Bostonians!

Founded in 2015 by Sarah Burke Motzkin, Sarah’s organizational skills and experience managing people, events, and tight schedules make her a go-to girl to get things done. She will make your life easier by performing the tasks you just don’t have the time or desire to do yourself.Sarah’s “get it done” attitude combined with her innate ability for multi-tasking makes her a natural as a Professional Personal Assistant, Concierge, and Event Planner.

On the podcast today we learn all about how Sarah fell into the world of the concierge business and her latest venture, being a bridal concierge! After getting married, Sarah realized how much she loved weddings but also how much goes into it!

If you are looking for a dedicated rockstar OUTSIDE of family and friends to give you support and dedication for your special day, Sarah is there to help for the party planning , for the thank you cards and of course when the wedding is over you can't forget the returns!

Tune in here and now to learn more about Sarah's services and how she can HELP make your life easier! "less is MORE is my motto for 2018!" Click on one of the podcast tabs below to tune in NOW!

Today this show was brought to you by FASHOLOGY!

"Mostly fashion with a hint of bridal & dash of lifestyle."

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