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NEXTonSCENE with David Tutera

If you are ready to really get inspired, TODAY is the DAY! NEXTonSCENE we have the fabulous David Tutera, Owner and Designer of David Tutera™.

From his latest shoe and jewelry line to his super star events, David has lots to share on what's NEW in his world.

David fell into the event world on a fluke when he was nineteen working on a Bar Mitzvah! From there, it was love at first event!

Today on the podcast we learn all about how David got to where he is in the wedding world to what's trending for wedding inspiration this 2018 !

We also learn must have's to make sure to have on your special day , things that aren't always necessary and we even got some inside scoop on the most extravagant wedding he ever did, HIS OWN!

Favorite quote on the podcast: "I've always learned to take one step ahead of the next since a young age, take chances. With chances come failures with failures comes success because you learn from your mistakes. I think that was what allowed me to be a little more daring then most people."

See below to some of our favorite images from his NEW shoe and jewelry line!

On the show, we learn some fun facts during GAME TIME! Outside of his daughter and husband we learn what David's ONE item would be if he could bring only ONE thing with him on a stranded island....

Get inspired here and NOW by clicking on the podcast tabs below:


Facebook: @David Tutera

Twitter: @David Tutera

Instagram: @davidtutera

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