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NEXTonSCENE with Fashion Designer, Melina Cortes

Today on the podcast, we have the fabulous entrepreneur; Melina Cortes. Melina by day is a Director of Regional Specialty Sales and by night she is a Fashion Designer for lalla bee. What we love about her most is she does it ALL with passion, dedication and strength.

How does one even get inspired to become a fashion designer? How do you even go about starting the process?

What we love most is that Melina on the show talks about how it is never too late to start following your dreams.

Melina is truly a #SELFMADE #GIRLBOSS. Three years ago, she decided to take the leap with some money she put aside and release more of her creative side by learning how to become a fashion designer.

On the podcast, she shares how you can focus on two businesses. She has a true passion for her day job in the health care world. Her family has a background of different health issues , so she loves nothing more then finding ways to help give back to the community.

What we discuss further on the podcast is how her line got started. What about that time in the day that you actually have for yourself? What do you do with it? Why not dedicate to something you love?

She vocalizes how important it is to release all sides of your personality in life no matter what hobby you decide to take on. On the podcast, she shares from experience the amazing benefits she has gotten from starting her clothing line.

"Success does not happen overnight but does

work out better then you could have ever dreamed of with time"

When Melina realized she was capable of doing both careers she loved with financial stability, that was when she knew she was doing the right thing!

Recently, Melina has been getting ready to launch her Fall 2018 line and is already working on her Spring 2019 designs!!

Tune in to our podcast NOW to learn all about this inspiring girlboss! We also have a fun game time where we talk about ALL of Melina's guilty pleasures including Bravo Housewives and MUCH MORE!

Tune in here and NOW by clicking on one of the podcast tabs below!

Check out Melina behind the scene's for NBC Boston!


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