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NEXTonSCENE with Tash Advertising

Today on the podcast we get inspired by the Director of Client Strategy for Tash Advertising, David Tash.

Don't you ever wonder how to attract your clients outside of the people you know? or even better, how to close with people that have been following you for years but never took that final leap to work with you?

Today, David comes on to inspire us all about the world of Facebook Advertising!

How did David fall into the world of marketing? Naturally! David has been in the world of customer service being the CFO for Luxury Ride Transportation for several years. He realized that the marketing side came naturally for him to get clients through strategy and social media.

Therefore, one thing led to another and a year ago, Tash Advertising was launched!

David has found a super niche market, working with contractors! David shares how valuable, Facebook Advertising has become for contractors.

On the podcast we also learn about David outside of work, his day to day, the fact that he is a newlywed as of January and has an adorable son!

What can't he live without if he was stuck on a deserted island? What is something he has to do in his daily routine? His ICON?

Tune in NOW by clicking on one of the podcast tabs below to get inspired here and NOW!

Today this show was brought to you by National House of Blues Ambassador, Gary Hagerty

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