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NEXTonSCENE Boston2Philly Filmmaker, RalphA. Celestin

Today on the podcast we get inspired by the talented filmmaker behind, Boston2Philly, Ralph A. Celestin!

"Ralph Anthony Celestin is an award winning filmmaker most notably recognized for critically acclaimed film Boston2Philly, which has screened throughout the entire globe in various highly competitive and noteworthy film festivals such as the PanAfrican Cannes festival in France, the San Francisco Black Film festival and the Roxbury International Film Festival where Ralph received the Kay Bourne Emerging Filmmaker Award."

On the show, we learn all about what inspired the film, what actually happens behind the scenes when it comes to filmmaking and when YOU can purchase it!

The main story behind, Boston2Philly was Ralph's relocation. Ralph at one point in his career decided to relocate and completely start his life over in a new city, Philadelphia. What happens from there?! You can learn in the film!

What makes this film even more inspiring is not only Ralph's story but also how there are other characters going through their own unique life journey. They all walk different paths but for the same goal, to enlightenment.

Ralph wanted his viewers to be able to relate with the characters and that's why he not only showcased his role but also other people with different personalities that you feel you can relate to you.

"Boston2Philly, a coming of age drama portraying the lives of a group of young adults from different walks of life. Together they embark on a journey of enlightenment. Boston2Philly chronicles the life of Rome ”Boston” Williams (Ralph Celestin) a young black male, struggling with his Identity and building real relationships in this new city after a tragic accident."

Now how did Ralph become a filmmaker? Who is Ralph outside of work? What are some of his guilty pleasures?

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