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NEXTonSCENE Parent Strategies with Amanda Houle

Today we are so excited to welcome back parent strategist, Amanda Houle!

The topic this month focused on how parents need to STOP trying to fill from an empty cup!

As parents go through more and more of their daily lives they always forget how important it is to take that extra five minutes a day for themselves!

Amanda discusses amazing insider tips on certain things to consider before starting and ending your day. How to really make sure to take time for yourself. It not only sets you up for success but also for your family. From starting your morning little earlier, taking those extra five minutes to clear your head before your day begings with meditation. For the non morning parents, pulling over after driving the kiddos around for those errands/playdates and just taking in those five minutes you have to yourself in peace!

Without harmony in your day to day life it not only effects your children but everyone else around you! This is not only validated by moms but also by dads!

Amanda has some great tips and tricks on the show and also as of TODAY launched her IFUNDWOMEN Campaign to help take her business to the next level!

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