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NEXTonSCENE Mom Of Four Creates A Woman Owned Business Directory

Kateri Ruiz, mom of four and Founder of the "MAIA community", created this online business directory to allow women owned businesses to support and utilize one another NATIONWIDE!

Five of the six people in Kateri's household are female, which makes it 83% of her household. With four young and impressionable daughters, Ruiz and her husband asked themselves if they were showing their girls a world where women had equal representation–and could they prove it?

From this realization, came their Personal Challenge: 83% of the things they bought, watched, read, or played, would be made by women or done in the image of women. The result at that time? Impossible.

“There isn’t a single resource that quickly identifies how to find and support women-owned businesses”, says Ruiz. From that awareness, MAIA was designed to “empower consumers like you and me to vote with our money and align our purchasing power with our values." says Ruiz.

Kateri gets into further detail on the podcast about amazing statistics. Did you know, women influence or control 73% of the household spending (valued at 11.2 Trillion dollars) and make up 50.8% of the population (165 Million females) in the United States???

If every woman in America made one purchase each month from a Woman- Owned business we could quickly affect change on the gender equality gap. Empowering women economically benefits everyone.

Want to learn some more amazing statistics and learn how to support and or sign up?

Tune in NOW by clicking on one of the podcast tabs below!

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The "MAIA Community" abbreviated after Kateri's four daughters is based in Eden Prairie, MN. On April 20th, The website will be LIVE!! JOIN today




"As women, we influence or control trillions of dollars spent in the U.S. annually. We have the authority to use our money to affect change. MAIA gives you access to millions of woman-owned business across the country, so you’ll be able to do exactly that."

thank you IFUNDWOMEN for connecting US!! Go check out MAIA.COMMUNITY and support on IFUNDWOMEN: