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NEXTonSCENE Blue Monarch Skin Care

Founded by an amazing women entrepreneur, Mojgan Brumby, this rockstar was unsatisfied with skin products currently available! She decided that there had to be more healthy and beneficial alternatives on the market!!

With her determination, research and product development began!

"For two years, Moj harnessed her botanical expertise to invent and perfect solutions for her and her friends' skincare concerns and challenges. It involved a lot of product testing, which she happily tweaked and tinkered with until her and her friends' were happy and healthy. The results were worth the effort - committed to accessibility, she created formulations and several product innovations that work for all skin types. A researcher and entrepreneur at heart, she merged the two in 2016 to launch Blue Monarch. Blue Monarch's unique products never compromise on quality, feel, or function. They are made with all-natural ingredients such as Persian rose, and various herb-infused oils to create authentically natural and healthy skincare therapies. They also contain several more exotic, all-natural ingredients from Europe and Asia that are formulated in innovative ways to increase the benefits for your skin."