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NEXTonSCENE Intuitive Advisor, Leila Laura

Today on the podcast we get inspired with Intuitive Advisor Leila Laura! "Leila works with clients to deepen their connection to their Soul Self. She is an internationally sought-after facilitator of Karma Healing and has supported hundreds of clients in both Karma Healing and Soul Elevation coaching."

Leila was raised gifted in her intuition since a young age. With a trauma background she truly has a special gift to share and make significant changes in her clients lives for the better! Today on the podcast we learn about one of her most clarifying moments that she will always remember being aligned with picking the best time and date to get married to her husband and her latest venture of now working on Soul Elevation for her clients!

"Through struggles in her early years with difficult biological chemistry, learning disabilities, and not having the support she needed, Leila was able to tap into her own power and lead herself to healing, and she can put her power to use for you, too, helping you reach your Soul Potential. To read more about Leila’s compelling journey to her own Soul Elevation check out the Journey to Soul Elevation Blog."

Tune in NOW by clicking below on our latest podcast interview to learn more about this amazing, inspiring rockstar!

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Facebook: @IntuitiveAdvisorLeilaLaura

Instagram: @leila__laura


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