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NEXTonSCENE Shin Lim Magic from AGT!

Who's NEXT? How about Waltham, MA native who is currently on America's Got Talent! This down to earth rockstar magician is WHAT'S NEXT to know about!

Shin Lim always had a love for magic since a young age. He started it not only out of pure enjoyment but also thinking he could attract more ladies to his table ;)

Low and behold his amazing skills of watching youtube videos and using his background in film has truly led him to this very moment on getting to his PEAK on America's Got Talent!

You what Shin's goals are being a magician?? To help inspire other up and coming magicians and to share knowledge and support one another, I found that truly inspiring!

We also learn all about how he choreographs his music to his magic and much more!

Tune in here and now below to get inspired!

we are also available on itunes, blubrry, stitcher, pocketcaster, tune in radio and much more! Search : nextonscene!



Check out Shin on America's Got Talent!

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