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NEXTonSCENE Steph Palermo!

Who's NEXT?! Steph Palermo! We are so honored to showcase this amazing gal doing INCREDIBLE things from recently speaking in Dubai, discussing her new workshop in Boston March 16 on “Flip the Switch to Feel Groovy”, her radio segment , plus she is also in our magazine coming out December 5!!

So who is Steph Palermo? She is an empathic messenger, radio talk show host and published author working out of Atlanta and Boston.

Steph’s passion is to help her clients and audiences understand that they can find fun and feel groovy every day. She believes that by aligning with your true purpose, recognizing your amazingness and changing your choices, you can alter your entire world.

Check out STEPH in Dubai to our side! Steph didn't even know she was the keynote speaker and went there and was placed as KEYNOTE! So amazing! we LOVE seeing people we adore SOAR!

Want to feel even more GROOVY then just a few words of Steph's wisdom!

Click below to one of the podcast tabs to listen NOW!

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#GETINTOUCH with Steph,

learn about her amazing programs she is offering!

Facebook: @JustSteph1

Twitter: @stephpalermo

Instagram: @juststeph1


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