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NEXTonSCENE Heather Poduska

Who is NEXT to know about ? Heather Poduska!

Heather is an international best-selling author whose latest book is "The Celebrity Status Handbook: How to Get Seen & PAID Like a Star." Heather has over 20 years of professional performance experience onstage as an operatic soprano, as a speaker and as the host of the popular podcast and television show, “Thrive.”

Today we get inspired on how important it is to have your branding be clear, how to never stop following your dreams and you truly can achieve whatever you want in this life and it ALL starts with your mindset!

We also get to listen to Heather's beautiful opera voice!!

Heather Poduska teaches ambitious entrepreneurs how to become powerful influencers and profitable speakers. With over 25 years of professional performance experience on stage as an operatic soprano, as a national speaker and the host of her own popular television and podcast show, Thrive, Heather knows what it takes to deliver a command performance. She combines her unique performance skills with her expertise as a personal brand strategist, image consultant and marketing expert to teach her clients how to step into the spotlight with confidence, charisma and style to turns heads and convert sales.

Don't you want to learn more about this rockstar? We can't wait for you to listen!

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