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NEXTonSCENE Mental Illness Awareness

Who is NEXT? Tracey Maxfield! Tracey is a nurse with over 36 years’ experience certified in gerontology and dementia care. Back in 2015, Tracey had her first real chronic depression experience and it forever changed her life. Changed her life not only to save hers but to SHARE her story and show illness does NOT define you!

"You are still Joe, Carol and or Bob who might have a mental illness but be BRILLIANT at the piano. The mental illness is just a small part of you, it does not define you!" TM

On the podcast today Tracey goes in depth about her first near death experience, bullying in the workplace and how she got out of it ALL.

Mental Illness doesn't ever permanently go away but there are things you do daily to help subside things that bring up baggage from your past that trigger certain habits.Tracey on the podcast talks about some tips she does now to help subside the harder days and how she appreciate the little things!

Tune in NOW to get inspired by clicking on one of the podcast tabs below: