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Success is NOT overnight.

If you are reading this today, it because you are OPEN to knowing that the best things in life don't come FREE. It comes from setting yourself UP for it.

Success takes time, hard work and consistency!

I realized I don't blog much and share my personal journey enough. As I am doing more consulting and teaching, I have learned how important it is to SHARE your knowledge.

Sharing your knowledge is a power tool. Once you have built a skill it is IMPORTANT to share it.

Because of shared knowledge, I was able to build my entire business, thank you YOUTUBE and the rest of social media.

Above you see a picture of what looks like a "happy" girl at her first radio station gig. In that moment I truly was happy but deep down I was a lost soul trying to find myself in a new state with no job or income.

I made some of my now closest friends because of taking chances and reaching out to people I never would have met otherwise. I was also able to create a BUSINESS. Who knew...

When I first started sharing my story, I realized I have grown so much not only on a professional level but on a PERSONAL level. There is so much that should be shared, it is all about the gifts we are meant to not only give but receive!

Skeptical whether or not to share this on my blog, I was thinking someone I am connected to is meant to read this today and know they are NOT alone. We all started somewhere.

My goal for you after reading this blog is to have THREE takeaways to step out of your comfort zone.

So who am I and I why am I sharing this?

👋 I’m Jackie! I moved to Boston almost 5 years ago now in May from New York with not knowing a sole person outside of my now husband (as of 9 months ago) 😜

I can’t even begin to tell you how many corporate jobs I interviewed for and I didn’t even get asked back to ONE!

I even bought cute outfits, tried to be my personable self but even after doing that you know what I realized? IT WASN'T WHAT I TRULY WANTED.

It really starts with a solid support system.

FIRST: If you don't have a solid support system yet , you can create one. I did!

GIVE PEOPLE A CHANCE. It is truly how I found my husband. We were purely just friends in college and NEVER dated.

We even traveled three hours every other weekend to see each other for ALMOST 3 YEARS.

When you find someone who shows you they care, take a chance on them.


Second: What is that SAME image you have in the back of your mind that keeps coming up for you.. is a dream job? is it your dream partner? is it your dream wardrobe? your dream house?


It will not happen over night. I can tell you after four years of trial and error you have to continue to SHOW up regardless of how YOU are feeling that day.

I am sharing YOU are meant for it because I have come to realize I have CREATED IT:

My dream job, my dream partner, my dream wardrobe, my dream pup, my dream friends... MY DREAM LIFE.

So SECOND... KEEP SHOWING UP. Don't give up because of one, two or FIVE setbacks. It is part of your journey, EMBRACE IT.

NEVER once in my vision did I see I was going to create a magazine. I knew I was good at promoting and sharing people's stories.. so sometimes life throws you some curve balls and surprises and it TOTALLY aligns you where you are suppose to be! TRUST IT !


As you continue to grow personally and professionally you are going to meet LOTS of people. You are going to meet a lot of people who are going to show up and teach you lessons for a season or for a reason at specific times in your life.

No matter what is thrown at you: Stay honest, give back and stay true to who you are. If you maintain these qualities, you will get people who stick around for years to come. Amazing story about these two amazing ladies above.

The one on the left, Erica and Right, Kayla were my FIRST two ever blogger contributors from Rhode Island and New York. To this date I STILL collaborate with Erica as she just modeled in my spring fashion show three weeks ago and Kayla and I still keep in touch as she wrote for me even the first year and a half the magazine started to take off :)

SO LESSON LEARNED HERE: Stay in touch and take care of the people who were good to you and NEVER burn bridges.

There are people in the world who are very self involved and all you have to do, is take them for who they are and TAKE CARE OF YOU FIRST.

I hope I inspired you today, if this spoke to you.. I am so glad. It was MEANT FOR YOU<3

Can we talk about how this amazing girl modeling above was an attendee of one of my FIRST EVER EVENTS? Loyalty is POWERFUL!

Interested in getting your presence known online and in person!?