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Honesty is the BEST policy.

Ever since I was about five years old, I was a total PERFECTIONIST. I think it truly runs in my astrology chart line of being a Virgo, but seriously ;)

I always wanted to be EVERYONE'S friend. I wanted to be everywhere and doing EVERYTHING or I was having serious FOMO (Fear of missing out).

You know what I realized? After trying to be everything to everyone and trying to be everywhere was draining as HELL.

I had my "aha moment" within the past year. I have officially been ONE year FULLY solo employed ! Exciting I know. You know why this happened? I realized what wasn't serving me in my growth, personally and professionally.

I loved my part-time job and my boss. I loved the people I was meeting and networking with but I realized that its ok to outgrow things. It is ok to say NO this isn't working for me anymore.

It's OK to say NO I can't make that event because you need a night off.

I highly recommend SELF-CARE TIME! It is so healthy for the mind and body!

It's ok to realize you can't be EVERYTHING to EVERYONE. Acknowledging that alone and being honest shows TRUE STRENGTH.

I have found that if someone can't be honest with you, or can't understand your honesty, you don't need them.

I started my business because of the people who were dishonest with me.

-->The people who said they were going to deliver things at a certain point, never did or did it late after I bugged the crap out of them, who wants THAT?! NO THANKS.

-->The people who said they were going to help get me a JOB and pass my resume to people they knew for interviews and never did.

-->The people who said they were going to make plans with me and blew of me off.


You know what I realized? It's part of my journey that got me where I am today.

Everyone is going through their own stuff on daily basis.

-->If you can't be honest or just say NO this isn't great for me.

-->I can't attend that event

--> I don't feel this is the right fit for me.

Re-evaluate HOW you are choosing to spend your time and WHO you are choosing to spend it with.

When you make a commitment, you have to COMPLETE IT.

The reason I have built the business I have is because PEOPLE have given their trust in me to do my job and DELIVER. They had been screwed over like myself and have walls up.

You know how to differentiate yourself? BE HONEST. Tell them what you are comfortable with, tell them what you are NOT comfortable with.

Handle conflict HANDS ON. Don't let it build up to a point that you crash and burn and ruin the relationship.

I have learned that the biggest growing and respect curve anyone will appreciate even if it isn't in their personal best interest at the time, it is HONESTY.

You want to know the truth? Not everyone is going to be ok with it, but YOU have to be ok with IT.

Honesty takes courage, Honesty is powerful and will allow you to GROW to a level personally and professionally beyond your wildest dreams.

USE THIS SKILL. You will be happy you did :)

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