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NEXTonSCENE: Joe Cozzo

Who is NEXT to know about? The fabulous host behind The Joe Cozzo Show, Joe himself!

After majoring in Radio Broadcasting at Long Island University back in 2000, Joe interned for a few stations, most notably the ‘Mike and the Mad Dog Show’ on WFAN with Chris Russo and Mike Francesa.

Joe always had a love for radio especially after his experience interning at the well re-known stations. He wanted to continue his passion in the career but at that time, there were no podcasts. He knew one of the only ways to grow in the radio field was to move out West and grow and get experience like you would to become a News Anchor.

After graduation, Joe decided to move to LA.

"Why stay in the cold NY when I could be doing the exact same thing in beautiful weather? I remember going on AOL and searching for apartments and there were palm trees all over the place. If you remember AOL’s dial-up-service, you can recall how long it took one picture to download!"

So prior to moving to Burbank, he put $300 down on an apartment and his move-in date was in two months. He had approximately one month left in NY when he was told some ‘shocking’ news. A former girlfriend of his was pregnant. Guess who was the baby daddy? JOE! He was having a baby with no job, zero savings, and now was able to stay in my parent’s basement without windows!

So he decided to become a lawyer! After passing the New York State Bar Exam and experience in the Suffolk DA'S office. Joe opened his own practice and continued to pursue his radio career while crushing the criminal law world in Long Island New York!

Aren't you inspired to learn more about this amazing rockstar and our SUPER fun podcast?