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NEXTonSCENE Social Growth & Customer Experience Expert, Elizabeth Yang

Who is NEXT to know about? This amazing rockstar, Elizabeth Yang. Our Founder had the pleasure of doing some one on one strategizing with Elizabeth and couldn't say better things about this amazing woman!

So who is Elizabeth and WHY is she NEXT to know about? Elizabeth Yang is a business strategist specializing in social growth and customer experiences.

She helps business leaders understand the financial benefits from a customer-centric organization that invests in inclusive global community experiences. She shows them how to build a strength-based team & network and why great customer experiences matter most.

She is a speaker, trainer, and advisor that has worked with many global leaders and brands to get seen, heard, and connected to monetize.From leading emerging technology team in innovation to alignment across global teams and locations, Elizabeth brings nearly two decades of experience at top Fortune 50 companies working with executives and leading teams to turn ideas into viable business growth across health care, education, staffing and retail.

She’s also gives back by serving on boards and committees for many non-profit organizations. She saw that the #1 difference in initiatives that succeeded or failed was the leader’s ability to rally people to support and build the vision. This common phenomenon across her expertise in product, innovation, marketing and organizational transformations was when she recognized the mastery in inclusive leadership and the power of social networks, starting with the art of conversations.

She has SO much knowledge to share on the importance of her top 4 areas of expertise including the importance of:

Leadership Brand & Authenticity

Customer Experience Blue print

Inclusive Leadership/Teams/ Builder Mindset

Strategic Relationships & Networking

Don't you want to get MORE inspired?! Listen NOW by clicking on one of the podcast tabs below:

#GETINTOUCH with Elizabeth:

Facebook: @Elizabeth Yang

Facebook: @Hmong Women Take on the World

Instagram: @realtalk_elizabeth


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