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How can you STAND OUT when so many people are in the same field of work as YOU?

Hi! It's JACKIE! I will becoming on more regularly with solo podcasts on UPLEVELING your confidence, social media tips and how to GET yourself out there despite discomfort! Today is all about How to STAND OUT and owning your AUTHENTICITY!

How can you stand out when SO many people are in the same field of work as you?

You know what my take is? AUTHENTICITY!

Today on the podcast I make you take out a PEN and PAPER. YOU HEARD RIGHT.

Today I encourage you to and write down REAL LIFE scenarios that have happened to you. Ones you absolutely LOVED when it came to meeting people who have transformed your LIFE for the better.

This could have been an interview experience that led you to your dream career and or a one off coffee meeting, event or phone call that changed your LIFE.

This will not only put things into perspective for you BUT help you continue to UPLEVEL and ELEVATE your HIGHER SELF.

Whether you are in corporate or an entrepreneur this pertains to YOU.

When we are applying for jobs, looking for new clients if we show up as something we are NOT or feel intimidated by the competition around us it will NEVER END UP WELL.

Today on the podcast I discuss how having 0 EXPECTATIONS leads you to your IDEAL scenarios in your everyday life.

Have you ever thought about that? That just showing up and taking a chance on ourselves has led us to EXACTLY where we are suppose to be.

Tune in NOW by clicking on one of the podcast tabs to get inspired!

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