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WHO'S NEXT? Miss America 2020!

Let's talk about an amazing woman who is changing what MISS AMERICA is this 2020!

Who is NEXT? Camille Schrier! Camille was recently crowed Miss America 2020.

Let's talk about the Beauty and Brains, Camille is bringing to the table. Camille graduated with a degree in Biochemistry and Systems Biology and plans to help educate more middle school and high school students on the importance of science!

Camille's Social Impact Initiative as Miss America is Mind Your Meds: Drug Safety and Abuse Prevention from Pediatrics to Geriatrics.

Today on the podcast we not only give a little sneak peak behind Miss America at Mohegan Sun but we also got REAL one-on-one time with Camille at the Sun Wine and Food Festival back at our favorite place... MOHEGAN SUN !

We also get to learn all about her inspirations, guilty pleasures, her cats and how she is crowned the 100th MISS AMERICA!

We can't wait to share more of our MISS AMERICA 2020 (2.0) experience on the podcast and in our upcoming magazine this May !

You might recognize the judges Karamo, Kelly Rowland and Lauren Ash!

And the hosts included Mario Lopez and Kit Hoover!

Aren't you excited to learn and hear more from our NEW MISS AMERICA 2020?!

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#GETSOCIAL with Camille and Miss America!

Instagram: @camilleschrier & @missamerica

Check out Camille WINNING Miss America 2020!

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