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NEXT Image Consultant to put on YOUR RADAR if you haven't!

So excited to showcase who is NEXT: Amazing Image Consultant and founder of Total Image Consultants, Ginger Burr!

"When you look in the mirror what do you see? Are you truly delighted by your reflection or do you try to avoid looking in mirrors? Do you wish you had a knack for putting together wonderful outfits rather than resorting to the same old thing every day because you don’t know what else to wear? If one of the most stressful parts of your day is when you get dressed then it’s time to change that. Getting dressed should not stress you out or feel like a burden –it should be easy and, hey, even joyful!"

Today on the podcast we had so much fun learning how Ginger got started , her inspirations, her latest and greatest ventures, fun facts and SO much more!

Ginger's specialties are helping YOU get answers to why something does or doesn’t look good on you so you can stop repeating past mistakes and make shopping more efficient . She does this by giving you the three tools you need to navigate a store easily and, most importantly, helping you explore who you are on the inside and show you how to reflect that in the clothing choices you make–that’s how you feel fabulous and self-confidence in your wardrobe.

Ginger also has an amazing online course she launched that can be started at ANY TIME how to DRESS TO IMPRESS yourself!

She also has a fantastic book called "That's So You." Her book helps you create new awareness around the psychological aspects of how you dress, understand how to create a signature wardrobe that includes both comfort and beauty, make peace with aging and learn to do it with flair and confidence, so you can loosen these strangleholds on your personal style and create a look that makes your heart sing.

There is NO DOUBT you can benefit from her 30+ years of experience for as low as $6 (on Amazon). She wrote this book to help guide you as you tame your closet, address real-life fashion questions, learn how to shop successfully and even help you age gracefully. Plus much more. Imagine how exciting it will feel to start creating a wardrobe and personal style that truly, down to your toes, expresses who you are.

You ready to get inspired?! Click on one of the podcast tabs below NOW to listen! :)

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