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Beauty Consultant and Networker you NEED in your life NOW!

Who is NEXT?! Diana Aliberti!

Diana is a Senior Sales Director & An Independent Beauty Consultant at Mary Kay!

This year to date 21 years in the business, Diana has earned her amazing Mary Kay pink Cadillac!

This is an iconic symbol of success, and the such a unique and special incentive awarded by Mary Kay!

Today on the podcast we learn all about how Diana fell into the world of Mary Kay.

We also learn not only makeup tips and tricks but also how she has changed so many women's lives by upleveling their confidence and connecting them with other like minded ladies!

One of Diana's specialities is translating your look in 5 MINUTES ;) Which truly is one of my favorite things!

"I think sales gets a bad rep. It really is how about serving people and help people solve a problem. I always wake up and think how can I be a light to this person on this particular day!"

Is she not amazing or what?

We also learn top THREE products to incorporate as we head into warmer weather.

"I think there is something inspirational about a lipstick and washing a look away from looking tired. My higher purposes is to help a woman look and feel confident. "

You ready to get inspired by this rockstar more than you have? NOW is the TIME to tune in by clicking on one of the podcast tabs below:

Get in touch with Diana :

Facebook: Diana Aliberti

Facebook group: Rise Above

Instagram: @diana_aliberti_online

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