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Changing the world with Yvette Lloyd

Ready to get inspired by one amazing Woman making a huge difference for young girls? Yvette Lloyd is ONE to put on your radar! This Serial Entrepreneur has changed the way young girls are raised.

This amazing woman even has a DAY named after her in Ohio! Talk about one inspiring woman making a difference.

It ALL started when she started substituting and being a mentor to young girls. Children are Yvette's passion and once she saw the reality to parenting she wanted to start helping adults.

Instead of the girls running on the streets, she first opened her home 8 years ago as a safe space to let them thrive and in a new space with mentorship.

Today on the podcast we learn about her 6 AMAZING businesses, mentoring over 800 girls, how struggles in your business don't define you and how you can overcome then and how her grandmother and mother are some of her biggest inspirations!

Yvette also has one amazing podcast you should subscribe and check out Life Her Podcast.

Ready to get inspired? Tune in NOW by clicking on one of the podcast tabs below: