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Two amazing Latinas Bringing Culture and Community back to Minorities

Who is NEXT?! The two fabulous hosts behind the LA-TEA-NA podcast!! Meet Ariadna Arredondo and Nastassja Sanchez!!

These two amazing ladies only connected last year through INSTAGRAM! Sliding into the DM'S (Direct Messenger) is a REAL thing this century!! ;)

Ariadna you might remember previously as we have had her on our show before. If you haven't NOW IS THE TIME! Ariadna is founder of The Always Believer!

She is a happy-go-lucky girl who has become a business coach and mentor to many who have gone through trauma and obstacles along this journey we call LIFE!

Ariadna herself had been a bit shaken down due to life circumstances and sexual abuse, BUT she had managed to get back up, get going and get strong and bring light to MANY during the process. If you don't follow her on social media you will absolutely see her CONSTANTLY resharing peoples content and cheering them on!

"Nastassja Sanchez is an Afro-Latina American actress, playwright, classical musician, and author, who was born to actress-screenwriter turned businesswoman! She was born into a family of artists, actors, actresses, novelists, dancers, singers and directors, who taught her how to express herself through art. She attended a performing arts high school and while there, co-wrote and starred in the Off-Broadway musical, "Myspace Chronicles" and performed in the Off-Broadway musical, "Madame Infamy". She has also co-starred in the hit Nickelodeon series, "Zoey 101" and the syndicated CW series, "Everybody Hates Chris". Nastassja co-founded Rebel Maverick, a production company creating projects that cater to multi-cultural and universal audiences with a focus on storytelling mediums that empower people of color, women, the LGBTQ community, and other marginalized groups." IMBD

What we learn about on the podcast today was all about the hardships they have go through to launch their show, The discussion of bringing more light and love to the Latina and Minority Communities AND some more about their inspirations about how they got to where they are today!

Ariadna and Nastassja believe you deserve to shine and follow your passion. Their two main topics on their show are all about sharing the importance of believing in your worth and loving every moment of yourself even if you don't want to!

TALK ABOUT INSPIRING? Are you ready to hear more?!

Tune in NOW by clicking on one of the podcast tabs below:

Didnt you ENJOY yourself? They are AHMAZING.

Go check out their podcast here:

They are ALSO on every PODCAST outlet on the planet just go to GOOGLE

and type in LA TEA NA podcast!

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Check out their FIRST episode below on YOUTUBE!