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Don't be afraid to say YES

Who is NEXT? Dani Rocco! Dani is an entrepreneur, mother, wife, and has an unshakable drive and passion to assist you in becoming the person you most want to be!

Dani is known for being a Relationship Coach, Author, TV Show Host, Editor, Public Speaker and Life Insurance Consultant. Talk about a serial entrepreneur doing it ALL!

Originally from Exeter, New Hampshire; Dani was known for growing up as a professional ballerina since the age of five!

As an adult her athletic skills transferred and assisted in her becoming a successful business owner. At the age of 18 she started working for her family's gymnastics school and took the company from bankruptcy to financial abundance.

The school maxed out its student capacity very quickly.

After 23 years of being a CEO Dani left her family business to follow her passion, as a life coach & relationship expert. She started working with CEO's but soon realized her heart and mission was serving our Military and Veterans.

Her heart and mission serving our military and veterans came from her oldest son who served as US Marine Veteran.

Furthermore as her company continued to blossom, Dani now is now the author of “Devoted to a Soldier” & co-author with Les Brown “Own Your Dreams” . She also runs an online Academy “Next Level of You”, she is a TV show host, documentary producer to “Devoted to a Soldier” and "The Daily Dose Of Did You Know". Dani is ALSO a partner in Join Our Table Movement AND Contributing Partner/Official journalist of “The Magazine” and speaker.

Talk about a woman who is a go getter balancing and doing it ALL ! Are you ready to get inspired?

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Check Out One of Dani's Show Segments: Devoted to a Soldier on Youtube: