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How has COVID affected your marketing?

Meet the beautiful lady behind Bklyn Nite Media!

This rockstar mompreneur based in Brooklyn has paved such an inspiring road for small businesses and public relations COVID-19 and BEYOND!

"When I decided to launch Bklynite Media I wasn't sure the outcome of it. I told myself that there is nothing to lose and just took a chance. My daughter during that time just started daycare and I wanted to work but no jobs were presented to me that gave me the work-life balance option and I really wanted to be present taking care of my her, so I took freelancing gigs, worked many hours to build my brand and I am still building 24/7, but at least I had the flexible hours to work throughout the day .

I wanted the flexible hours so I can still be a mom. Make my daughter breakfast, walk her to school, take her to taekwondo class after school and of course swimming class on the weekend!"

Today on the podcast we not only talk about how COVID is affecting businesses marketing but being a mom and balancing it ALL!

"I network all the time, either it be through the social media platforms or in person at events. Learn your business and your competitors. Understand what you are providing and ways to improve your business to better service your customers or clients. I am learning every day and also growing every day with the right people. Know your value and know your worth. That's very important. I understand what it takes to build a brand, to build a reputation, to build a platform that connects and helps people and businesses."

Aren't you inspired by this rockstar? Tune in NOW by clicking on one of the podcast tabs below!

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Fun Fact: Michelle and her team help manage the biggest Chinese New Year and yearly events in New York! According to they host north of half a million people from San Francisco, Hong Kong to name a few!


Michelle is offering a free consultation once a week for 30 minutes on Public Relations and Social Media Marketing Strategy for their business !


Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter: @bklynitemedia