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Meet Bicoastal Fashion Stylist & Costume Designer for TV shows & Advertising, as well as a P

So excited to introduce you to Darshan Gress! Darshan is a long time friend of Jackie's from Top Chef Boston!

Darshan is a bicoastal Fashion Stylist & Costume Designer for TV shows & Advertising, as well as a Personal Stylist and Style Expert!

Today on the podcast we learn all about the world of fashion going more virtual and having less in person direct contact.

For Darshan, virtual communication has been fascinating and has been forcing her to navigate her career in a whole new world for her!

"I have learned that the need to "pivot" (can someone please come up with a different word!?!) to on-line and virtually is so necessary for most anyone running a business."

"Due to COVID , I am very proud to say that on my own I was able to design and launch a portfolio website during the stay at home, and now my next project is focusing on the personal styling part of my career by developing a virtual platform to be able to work with individuals and style them in the comfort of their homes! "

Darshan is also launching "shoppable" inspiration and trend boards-focusing on investment pieces with a mix of both high and low end price points.

"Fashion is def evolving because of our new normal, and what people are willing to spend money on and the amount they are willing to spend is shifting."

Ready to get inspired and learn more?

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