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Bringing Spotlight to Mental Health & Sobriety.

Today we are so honored and excited to spotlight the two rockstars behind Release Recovery, Justin Gurland (left) and Zac Clark (right).

If you didn't know they also were on our recent magazine COVER that just launched April 5th!

Today on the podcast Zac and Justin open up about what inspired them to become sober, how they have helped hundreds of thousands of others, what's next for them and so much more!

At Release Recovery they are are dedicated to helping clients build a strong foundation in early recovery. Through their individualized program of intensive support and supervision, they guide clients toward a life of accountability.

Their clients learn to make purposeful decisions while exploring their passions and potentials. They provide 24/7 supervision in the first month of residency—the safety of their clients is tantamount to their success, and their staff will always provide transportation—and offer full, structured days of volunteer work, recovery meetings, and group activities.

Through their individualized 4 Tier recovery program, clients will learn to nurture their recoveries, gain the skills to pursue their ambitions, explore healthy and productive outlets for self-growth, and ultimately practice sustainable self-sufficiency.

Release is more than just a place to live. Release is a community dedicated to helping clients discover their potentials and live their best lives.

Currently they have housing offered in Westchester and NYC for Men and NYC for Women. They have clients from as early as 18 to even their 80s!

Aren't you inspired?

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Ways to get in touch with Zac & Justin:

Facebook: Release Recovery & Release Recovery Foundation

Instagram: @releaserecovery | @releaserecoveryfoundation

Photos: Ivan Piedra Photography