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Embracing Yourself Through Art

Meet Diana Stelin, Professional Landscape Artist, Fashion Designer and Award-Winning Educator!

Diana's life has been quite the journey! She left Kishinev with her family at the age of thirteen and found art as solace through her difficult teenage years. From there, her unique free-flowing painting style led her to Cornell University. After a detour managing DTR Modern Galleries, she started teaching at The Plein-Air Art Academy, a recipient of the Best of Boston Award for kids' art classes.

Diana creates conversations between reality and abstraction. Her palette knife paintings have been on display at corporate spaces like Google and Novartis. Stelin's work is notable for its "melting'' elements on canvas.

By challenging herself to explore new techniques alongside her students, it makes Diana's pieces unique and full of passion. Diana has truly embraced what matters to her in art & art education and, as a result, has garnered her teaching studio A Best of Boston Award!

Tune in to hear all about Diana's largest project yet: The Venice Biennale Public Art Event!

Fun facts about Diana:

  1. "I wanted to be a fashion designer since I was 5!"

  2. "I moved to the United States from Moldova at age of 13."

  3. " I had Kanye West as a client."

Are you ready to be inspired by this AMAZING woman?!


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Ways to get in touch with Diana:


Facebook: Diana Stelin

Instagram: @diana_stelin

LinkedIn: Diana Stelin