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From Foster Care to Rockstar Marketing and Brand Expert!

Who is NEXT? Meet Businesses Consultant, Owner of The Nika Brand Marketing Agency and Personal Development Coach , Nipunika (Nipu) Coe!

Nipu has always believed in creating an environment of success, and along the way, she has defined her unique fingerprint. She now has been working to help other businesses do the same.

With eight years of management, marketing, and brand/business development, she has the drive, the creatives, and the intuition to help identify and build your brand's foundation of success.

Today on the podcast we learn about Nipu's latest Fingerprint Method! Nipu has made an amazing significant difference in so many companies and business owners that she knew it was time to bring spotlight to this.

The Fingerprint Method and The Nika Brand: DISCOVER YOUR FINGERPRINT CREATE YOUR IMPRINT Figuring out your business fingerprint to create a plan of action to make lasting imprints in your future clients. A step-by-step marketing method with a do-it-for-you service from redefining your brand, marketing, vision, and mission to creating the content for the new unique fingerprint designed for your business.

After the discovery process, we move forward into creating content that brings this new business fingerprint to the forefront allowing each consumer to see the imprint your business will have on them effectively.

After spending time in an orphanage and 8 years in foster care, she hopes to give back to the foster care community by highlighting other successful foster care alumni through her platform and future podcast; Belonging Starts Here. Each episode will be sponsored by the companies and people she has as clients to further their new fingerprint exposure.

Is this woman amazing or what? Get inspired by TUNING NOW here: