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From Foster Care to Six Figures!

Meet Jesse Setaro, former homeless foster kid who now makes six figures as a fitness entrepreneur at North End Fitness.

Jesse has a degree in Exercise Sciences and a Bachelors Degree in Social Work. He found his niche in fitness and started off working for commercial gyms.

There were so many things he wanted to change about his past and show others by example.

Over the years he has worked his butt off to make his dreams a reality . Jesse is now a personal trainer and owns a business that made him money, a sense of community, good music, and, of course, now able to bring his dog to work!

With pandemic restrictions leading to small businesses struggling and unhealthy living choices, Jesse has been working hard to motivate people. His dual degree and ambition shows that he cares deeply about his clients physically and personally.

Tune in to hear all about Jesse's journey!

Fun Facts About Jesse:

  1. "100% self-made!"

  2. "Grew up in foster care."

  3. "Love to cook."

  4. "Single AF"

Are you ready to get fit with this AMAZING man?!


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Ways to get in touch with Jesse:

Facebook: Jesse Setaro

Instagram: @Jesse Setaro | @North End Fitness

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