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Get more nutritious fruits and veggies into your families bodies this holiday season!

Who is NEXT? Amy Julien and Lisa Swift!

Amy is a Certified Holistic Health Coach and a partner with the Juice Plus company and Lisa is a Holistic Health Coach and International Marketing Director with the Juice Plus Company.

"The products of Juice Plus are dehydrated fruits and vegetables at their highest nutritional value. They are ALL non pesticide non contaminants. So it's basically dehydrated fruits and veggies with the stems, the pits all of the fiber, everything you would normally use in a shake, just dehydrated without the water, sugar and the salt!" Amy

"Did you know only 11% of the population gets the recommended amount of raw fruits and veggies on a regular basis. They are important for everything to repair our bodies and our cells." Lisa Swift

Today on the show, Lisa and Amy SHARE their inspirations , ways it can change your life, recipes and so much more!!!

Who is ready to get inspired by these amazing ladies?