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Intuition is an underutilized mental health tool.

Today on the podcast we have the inspiring Michelle Poverman, Psychotherapist, Energy Healer! and Founder of Sage and Stone Energy Therapy.

Michelle fell in love with psychology in high school. She devoured it in college and then went on to get her Masters Degree at Antioch New England Graduate School.

Antioch was most known for its support of the Women's movement and teaching outside of the box. It was a wonderful place to focus in on mindfulness based therapy which was groundbreaking at the time.

She truly gives majority of the credit to her experience healing from Lyme Disease. This for sure was a life-changing Pivot that occurred on her path.

Everything that happened at that time, brought her into the world of energy healing and she could never look back.

"I became a Reiki Master and proceeded to attend a 3 year energy medicine school and continued to learn new healing modalities."

Today on the podcast we talk all about:

How creating boundaries are game changing,

The importance of incorporating energy healing into therapy,