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Making custom tangible products from any drawing or photo!

Today we are SO excited for you to meet the fabulous Founder and CEO behind Budsies, Alex Furmansky!!

The idea for Budsies was inspired by Alex's younger sister Michelle.

It was during the Spring of 2013 that Alex visited home and “borrowed” one of Michelle’s favorite drawings of a character she named Dongler (now our mascot).

One day, he saw Michelle hugging her stuffed animals and thought, “What if I could turn a drawing into a stuffed animal friend that would last forever?”

Following that visit, from the comfort of Alex’s small bedroom in South Florida, the grassroots operation known as Budsies was born!

In the first two years, Alex realized the tremendous growth opportunities for the brand while always committing himself to stay true to his initial vision: making a huggable world! Highlights of success include appearing on Shark Tank, New York Times, BuzzFeed, O, the Oprah Magazine, CNBC, and numerous other media mentions. Plus, expanding the brand to Selfies, Petsies, Stuffed Animal Pros, and going from custom plush to custom gifts with new product launches this year including custom pillows, socks, keychains, and face masks.

They also expanded their philanthropy with Budsies Pals Program where we send free Budsies to sick kids who need some extra joy in their lives.

Who is ready to get inspired by this amazing entrepreneur?


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Check out our FULL video Interview below