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Meet Certified Financial Planner, Misty Lynch!

Today on the podcast we have the extremely knowledgable Certified Financial Planner, Misty Lynch!

Misty's interest in money began from the early age of 12, when she learned about the stock market in school. From that point forward, Misty was fascinated with making money; she began working and making money at a very young age.

Along with being a Certified Financial Planner, Misty is also the author of her new book which she discusses more on the podcast!

Today we discuss all about the financial world, along with Misty's process for creating the best possible lifestyle for her clients and their needs.

When hearing Misty speak about her personal experiences and her experiences regarding Financial Planning, it is easy to see that Misty has an abundance of knowledge on this topic. Along with sharing facts about the financial process, Misty gives insight as to how the financial world has been affected and changed over the past 2 years with COVID.

Misty loves that she is able to help others while maintaining her values. She always puts her client's best-interest before her own- an extremely admirable trait.

It is clear that Misty knows the ins and outs regarding finances. If you are ever in need of financial planning, Misty is your go-to gal!

Aren't you ready to learn more?!

Tune in HERE and now to get inspired!


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