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Meet Global Singer, Songwriter & Instrumentalist

Who is NEXT? Meet Global Singer, Songwriter and Instrumentalist rockstar, Dom Cotton!

"Dom Cotton never does things the easy way - he built his property businesses from the ground up but having experienced all the ups and downs he could handle in the real estate world, Dom turned back to his original passion: music. Re Honing the skills he developed at the Australian Institute of Music, Dom quickly reignited the fire, and is ready to share the results with the world. His smooth croon and joyous passion while singing are infectious: you can’t help but move when you hear his tunes."

"His upcoming debut album, appropriately titled "About Time" is packed wall to wall with good times, summer vibes and danceable tunes. A collaboration with multidisciplinary artist, lyricist and poet Gaynor Fisher, "About Time" is a sonic cacophony of poppy beats, ripping guitar solos, and velvety smooth vocals pumping out catchy, anthemic lyrics. But at the centre of the album is something we all need a little of right now: escapism. Just as Dom escaped the corporate humdrum, he invites you to escape into a simpler time and place, where hanging out with your friends and dancing the night away is always possible. So, keep your ears to the ground and get ready for "About Time" - coming your way soon."

Today on the podcast we get inspired by Dom as he shares how the pandemic has definitely forced him to explore new things, revisit old passions and reconnect/connect with people all around the world.

We also discuss how he met an extremely talented lyricist/poet called Gaynor Fisher from Cambridge, UK. They met through social media when the pandemic kicked off last year and they have since penned close to 20 songs together!

We of course also get to listen to a clip from his single "Get Me Outta Here" !

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