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Meet Kelly Ison, Director of Happiness AKA Founder and CEO of Einstein Pets

If you are a pet owner or passionate animal lover, Jackie Zuk’s podcast this week is especially for you!

The NEXTonSCENE® team is ecstatic to welcome the founder and CEO of Einstein Pets, also known as the company Director of Happiness, Kelly Ison, to the newest episode of Becoming NEXTonSCENE™!

This week, Kelly sheds light on the distinction between all-natural and organic pet treats. She is helping prevent listeners from being deceived or confused by food labels. She further explains why Einstein Pets, a producer and vendor of pet food treats, is classified as an all-natural, organic combination and how the company ensures complete ingredient transparency and safety.

Additionally, Kelly draws attention to crucial information for all pet owners to know, such as awareness of all the specific ingredients that one feeds to a pet. She reveals a common household food item that is surprisingly fatal to pets.

“It’s something people don’t know, you don’t think about it. You think that you can just grab anything from your pantry, and then bake up a treat. But, you really have to be mindful of what that is!”

However, Kelly also shares her secrets to selecting the best ingredients for the Einstein Pets products and the fantastic animal health benefits of certain ingredients! Additionally, she draws awareness to how she incorporates humanization into her company of pet products.

She explains that “humanization to the pet food, pet treat industry is really thinking of 'how would I take care of [a family pet] as I would myself' and 'let's treat them healthy.' And you look at what you put into those ingredients, and that’s really where it comes to humanization.”

For all business owners: Kelly also reveals vital insights to how Einstein Pets branched out from strictly a business-to-consumer company to a business-to-business company as well.

This week, listen to the podcast to learn how Kelly and the Einstein Pets team grew and expanded the business from the ground up, differentiated their products in the market, and utilized Facebook tools to advance sales significantly. Additionally, listen to discover how they determined when the company was ready for a significant expansion and how they accomplished all they envisioned for the company and more!

Make sure to also listen to Jackie’s marketing tip of the day on the podcast to learn what essential pre-planning is necessary to make a company brand shoot worth the hefty investment.

Listen below!


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